Stories about love, lust, and dating while traveling the world



Ever since I was a kid, I dreamed of having a life filled with travel and adventure, unbound by conventional schedules and expectations.

Now I have that life: my  job allows me to work from anywhere, and for the past three years I’ve been a (mostly) location-independent digital nomad. It’s awesome, and I love it.

There’s one thing missing, though: I always assumed I wouldn’t be doing this alone.

For a while I wondered whether I needed to settle down and establish a ‘normal routine’ in order to find a partner.

But I think one of the best ways to meet people we’re compatible with is by doing the things that make us feel alive.

Also, I’ve always had this fantasy of meeting someone in a far-away destination, falling in love, and finding a way to build a life together.

That hasn’t happened yet, but what has happened are a bunch of you-can’t-make-this-shit-up stories about love, lust, and dating while traveling.

Usually the stories are funny. Sometimes they’re sad. They’re almost always unexpected and emotional.

This blog is where I’ll share those stories, usually as long-form essays that have been published elsewhere. Sometimes I’ll also share travel tips, photos, and random thoughts about love, dating, and relationships.

Thanks for reading!


Are the stories you’re telling here true? Did all this stuff really happen, or do you take details of your experiences and dramatize them?

As mentioned above, you can’t make this shit up. Everything you’ll read here really happened, down to the clothes people were wearing and the songs that were playing in the background.


What about the privacy of the guys you’re writing about? Don’t you think they might not want their personal details on the internet? 

To protect the privacy of the people I write about here, names and identifying details are always changed. As much as I agree with Anne Lamott that “You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories. If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should have behaved better,” my goal here is not to expose intimate details of anyone’s life except my own.


Speaking of which, isn’t it kind of weird to put the intimate details of your love life on the internet? 

Yeah, it’s a little weird. Mostly because anyone can read this blog: My exes. My dad. The people I’m writing about.

But I love writing about my relationships. The writing process helps me make sense of what happened and how I feel about it. Also, there are always people out there who can relate. I’ve found that the more vulnerable and honest I’m willing to be, the more others can connect with my experiences.

For me, writing is about human connection and deeper understanding. To some extent we all feel the same things when it comes to love and dating, and my aim is to explore those feelings and their implications through stories.


Fair enough. But if you’re trying to find true love, why are you writing a blog about vacation flings? 

Even though most of the connections I write about happen while I’m traveling, I don’t think of them as flings. They’re experiences that affect me and usually teach me something too.

But in all honesty, I hope not to be adding new stories to this blog for very long, because that will mean I’m still searching for a partner. While there are aspects of the search that are fun and thrilling, I’m looking forward to finding the one that will stick.

In the meantime, I’ll share the stories I collect along the way.